Bring Your Case

14 Sep 2020

The 32nd Virtual Weekend Course on Cardiology Bring Your Case Session is open for public access! Join us for free, and take your chances to learn about unique cases from all over Indonesia! Join us on

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, from 13.00 until 15.30 WIB

Today's Presenters :

1. Eka Adip Pradipta

2. Fahmy Rusnanta

3. Hana Khairunnisa

4. Jefri

5. Jimmy Oi Santoso

6. Moza Guyanto

7. Niyata Hananta Karunawan

8. Sofia Kusumadewi

9. Achmad Bima Aryaputra

10. Afiati

11. Dela Ulfiarakhma

Bring Your Case